Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long View

I have wanted to do long views for a while. Only time will tell if it's a beneficial path. What happens when I finish a picture is that, whether I like it or not, I am committed to it enough to put it here, which I sometimes regret, and you may too. Sometimes what I thought was not so great turns out better over time, but more often what I thought was splendid, I put away in storage. I have about 90 paintings on view in my studio space. I retire a few each couple weeks to make room for the new ones. (I also will revise a painting and put it back up.)


Kelly Marszycki said...

It's funny but I just did an entry on my blog about that problem. I'm not sure my approach is the right one, though. So where do all these "retired" paintings go? I like your long views -- was it Emerson who wrote that "the healthy eye demands an horizon?"

Bob Lafond said...

Kelly, Good luck with your sale. You have some really nice paintings available. I would love to sell more things. At this point, I have given more away, usually to charity auctions. Fortunately, they asked me.

I don't know about Emerson, but Thoreau wrote that his library consisted of some 1000 books, 750 of which he was the author. The numbers aren't correct, but you get the idea.