Sunday, June 28, 2009

Unsettling and unsettled landscape

This weekend the weather was unsettling and unsettled, never resolving into rain, or sunshine, or grayness, or immense clouds, or blue sky. I spent the time gathering materials for future pastels. This is a quick view looking north near Five Corners. The big mountain is called the Dome.

I have been reading the book Gustav Klimt: Landscapes, in which Verena Perlhefter writes, "The fields, the river, the mountains are not 'landscape' of their own accord; they only become so when one confronts them, for no practical reason, in order to feel at one with nature. Those aspects that appeared useful or useless and were rejected as being hostile were transported into greatness, sublimity, and beauty--transferred aesthetically into a landscape." We may sometimes forget that once the outer landscape had no correlation with the inner landscape. For me, my inner landscape is dependent upon the outer landscape.

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