Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can't Shed the Shed

The last pastel, which I did last night, is the closer approach at left top.  The other pastel is from the night before.  I will be knocking at the door next.

I learned recently that  Andrew Wyeth's art is about particular places.  Even the people in his work have the qualities of the place they live in. Concentrating on places with deep meaning to him has given his art focus, direction, and emotional power.  Finding this focus is the most important thing that can happen to an artist.


Mr. Matthew Lafond said...

okay Bob, you got me intrigued...what's in the shed?

Bob Lafond said...

Matt, Thanks for your question. I actually have never looked in the shed. I suspect it hold a lot of junk. Next time I am up there I will find out.